At ESQ Educational Services, we provide a range of services to help international educators succeed. We’ve been working in the international education sector for more than 20 years and are pleased to share our experience with you. Our services include:


We hold professional development workshops in cities across Canada. The next one is:

Risk Management and Liability for International Educators, Toronto, May 14, 2018


Each month we cover a different topic about helping international students living with North American families to adjust, have fun and have a wonderful experience. Check out our upcoming webinars.

Student Guides

The Essential Guide for Homestay Students is available in eight versions – Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. Most programs provide one to each of their students. They make a great orientation tool.

Host Guides

The Essential Guide for Homestay Hosts is a best-selling booklet that covers all aspects of hosting an international student. It’s used by programs across North America.

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Contact Doug Ronson via email at douglasronson (at) yahoo.ca or phone 613-888-9560.






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