Webinar: Risk Management in International Education

Wednesday, May 19, 1 pm-3:30 pm Eastern time

International educators across Canada are invited to join us for this webinar on mitigating risks as the world continues efforts to suppress the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ll discuss how experiences in our first year will better prepare us for the second. 

Dave Bird, who has been working with educational institutions to help them prepare and respond throughout the pandemic, will facilitate the session.

During this 2-hour presentation and 30-minute question and answer session, Dave will explain what organizations can do to welcome back  and keep safe international students, through minimizing risks to students, staff and the institution itself.

The topics will include:

  • Preparing (or updating) your Designated Learning Institution Readiness Plan so that your program can accept students seeking study permits
  • Reviewing provincial legislation that partially limits Covid-19 liabilities, and developing mitigation strategies
  • Discussing recent Covid liability class actions across Canada, and about taking every necessary health and safety precaution
  • Explaining current Canadian laws governing the limits of requiring mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for staff and students
  • Examining the most recent expert scientific evidence regarding the future of Covid-19, including the risk posed by highly infectious variants and the timing of any next wave

This webinar will be invaluable to educational programs across Canada that are planning to welcome or continue serving international students within the next year.

Cost: The fee for the webinar is just $60 plus tax. Space is limited so be sure to register now! 


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