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The most recent issues of our newsletters


February 2023: Chinese students pawns in election meddling

January 2023: Housing must be included in international education

December 2022: Laurentian’s failure to recruit international students

November 2022: Decline in number of students from China

September 2022: International student “money mules”

August 2022: Language sector expanding after tough couple of years

July 2022: Housing shortages threaten ability to attract students

June 2022: Quebec private colleges in jeopardy

May 2022: Choose partners carefully to reduce risk

April 2022: Nigerian study permit refusals

March 2022: Ontario colleges too reliant on international tuition

February 2022: International students make best immigrants, study says

January 2022: Accountability needed in international education

December 2021: International students should stay in residence first year

October 2021: Language sector starts to recover

September 2021: International students need more support

August 2021: International education fall preview

July 2021: At-home English testing could transform recruitment

June 2021: Vaccinations for incoming students

May 2021: K-12 expecting strong fall enrollments

April 2021: Language sector expected to recover in 2023

March 2021: Canadian university campuses overseas

February 2021: Laurentian University seeks creditor protection

January 2021: At-home Testing  Will Help Canadian Recruiting

January 2020: Coronavirus Worries

February 2020: Coronavirus Hits International Education

March 2020: Coronavirus: The Financial Risk to Education

April 2020: What Will International Education Look Like This Fall?

May 2020: Sector Continues to Reel from Pandemic

June 2020: Inadequate Quarantine Protocols

July 2020: Job Cuts in International Sector

August 2020: Fall Reopening Plans

September 2020: The future is NOT online learning

October 2020: ApplyBoard wants to revolutionize student recruitment

November 2020: Enrolment worries extend to 2021

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