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10 tips for keeping your host families
  1. Build strong relationships with hosts. When they trust you and feel confident that you have their interests at heart, it makes it easier to resolve issues.
  2. When there is a problem, don’t impose a solution. Ask for input from the hosts. This engages them and makes them feel like they are an important part of the program.
  3. Be up front at the beginning that there will be feedback – both positive and negative. During host family recruitment, explain your evaluation process and advise hosts when discussions will take place.
  4. Survey hosts about the kind of support they need and how they prefer to solve conflicts.
  5. Check in frequently.
  6. Make hosts aware of the support services offered by the school. Encourage them to take advantage of these (and remind them about them!).
  7. Start strong: A robust orientation program for hosts ensures that they are well-prepared.
  8. Handwritten “thank you” notes are appreciated.
  9. Remember your hosts’ birthdays by mailing a card. Send a note of condolence if there is a death in the family.
  10. Watch for signs of burnout. Offer support or schedule that particular family without a student for a month or two.