Webinars for both hosts and homestay coordinators

We offer regular webinars for homestay coordinators and international education staff. The next webinar is:

Developing Your Cultural Intelligence

International educators are invited to join us for a FREE webinar to help them better work with people from many cultures, including students, parents and agents.

This 45-minute webinar will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 12 at 3 pm Eastern time (12 noon Pacific time).

You will learn:

  • How Cultural Intelligence (CQ) measures your ability to work effectively in culturally diverse situations
  • Why you should focus LESS on teaching cultural differences to your staff and host families
  • Why cultural humility is more important than cultural knowledge
  • Why building skills to work with diverse groups is essential

This webinar is presented by Malvina Rapko, the founder and Chief Cultural Officer of Cultural Bridges Inc. She is the former Recruitment Manager and Homestay Coordinator of the Saskatoon International High School Program.

Register for this free webinar here


Customized webinars for your program

ESQ Educational Services can set up webinars for your staff and hosts on dates that are convenient to you. These would be exclusively for your program and would carry your logo to brand your in-house training. Please contact us for more information and pricing.