Certi-Host Online Host Training

Homestay programs want to ensure that both hosts and students have a wonderful experience. By investing in Certi-Host, you help hosts to welcome their student warmly, prepare for a wide range of situations and to deal with challenges – without calling the homestay coordinator.

The advantages of Certi-Host online training:

  • Saves your program time and money in training hosts
  • Allows hosts to train anytime that is convenient
  • Quiz questions throughout the training verify that hosts understand the material
  • Lets your team focus on other priority tasks, such as recruitment and managing hosts

Use our training materials – or your own!

We’ve carefully prepared our host training materials based on the best-selling booklet The Essential Guide for Homestay Hosts. They’re comprehensive. However, we know that every homestay program is a bit different. That’s why we offer three options:

  1. Use our program to train and certify your hosts. We will “white label” the content with your organization’s name and logo.
  2. Modify our materials to meet your own specifications
  3. We’ll upload your own training materials.

Regardless of which option you choose, your organization’s name and logo will appear so that hosts know your are running the training and certification.

Cost-effective training

You can train your hosts for just a few dollars per person. The price varies depending on how many hosts you plan to certify and which training format you use. It will definitely save you time and money that could be devoted to other homestay activities, such as recruitment and managing hosts.

Join us for a free info session

We will be presenting a free 30-minute info session on how Certi-Host works and the benefits to your program. It’s being held Thursday, Nov. 10 at 1 pm Eastern. Simply email us at doug (at) collegestreet.ca to register. 

Contact us to order or learn more

Please contact us at doug (at) collegestreet.ca for complete information about pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Certi-Host

What is the content for Certi-Host?

The orientation material is based on Doug Ronson’s best-selling booklet, The Essential Guide for Homestay Hosts. The information has been updated and modified for online training. Leveraging his extensive background in assessment, Doug has developed test questions that are fair and measure whether the prospective host understands the material.

You also have the option of using  your own content. See below for details.

Is my educational institution branded on the training site?

Yes. When prospective hosts take the training, they will see your name and logo at the top of the page. Each organization has its own customized training page that fits with your branding.

Can I modify the content or use our own host training materials?

Definitely. There are three options. You can:

  1. Use our host orientation package – this means less work for you.
  2. Customize our content to suit your program to reflect specific homestay rules or local situations.
  3. Provide your own content

If you choose to customize the content, or use your own, there is a minimum order size to cover our time to set up the training site. Contact us for details.

How long does it take for a host to complete the training?

Less than two hours. We’ve designed the orientation to be comprehensive yet not take too much time for hosts who may be busy with other activities. You want hosts to have a solid understanding of the material – yet not be turned off by content that is too lengthy.

Can we use Certi-Host as a screening tool for prospective hosts?

Absolutely! First of all, by asking them to undertake the training, you ensure that they are committed to hosting and willing to put in a couple of hours of work. Secondly, you can set a minimum score on the Certi-Host Assessment in order to host with your organization.

How much does Certi-Host cost?

The fee is between $10 and $15 per host, depending on the volume purchased. You will find that the cost savings add up quickly as you need to invest less time in orienting new hosts. You can focus on other priorities, such as recruiting and managing host/student relationships.

Please get in touch to learn more about our services
  • 613-888-9560 (9 am to 5 pm Eastern time)
  • doug (at) collegestreet.ca