The iTEP Test: Supporting English Language Programs from Start to Finish

Your guide to placing students, measuring progress, and building your program’s future with iTEP

ESQ Educational Services works with English Language Programs to accurately and efficiently place students, evaluate programs, and improve quality. We use the iTEP test to offer a wide range of assessment and analytical services for program administrators and teachers. ESQ Educational Services is an official representative of the iTEP test in Canada.

We provide quick and accurate placement of students, with testing available both abroad and in-house.  Our on-demand, internet-based English-language assessment takes 90 minutes or less. It is secure, reliable, and efficient – and competitively priced so that you can focus your resources on teaching.

Placement is just the beginning. With regular iTEP testing, you can measure student progress and make improvements to teaching and the curriculum. Our experts will analyze your data, providing you with valuable information about the effectiveness of your program.

Learn how two programs have used iTEP to quickly and accurately place international students: 

Seneca College English Language Institute – iTEP

Niagara Christian Collegiate – iTEP

Placement Services

We offer a range of options to help language programs place students quickly, efficiently, and economically. We are aware that many programs have different approaches to placement. That’s why we work with you to customize placement testing to meet your needs.

Some of the key advantages of iTEP placement services include:

  • Automated and immediate scoring for grammar, listening and reading
  • Speaking and Writing scored by your team or by our highly trained graders
  • View students responses to speaking and writing
  • Ability to archive and retrieve scores

We recognize that every English Language Program has unique placement needs. We invite you to contact us at douglasronson (at) for a free consultation about how you can best take advantage of iTEP for placement.

Choosing the right product for your program

At iTEP, we work with a wide variety of English Language Programs. Some teach emerging learners while others are helping advanced students to prepare for academic courses. Here are the four main testing modules that we offer:

  • Placement Core (Listening, Reading, Grammar)
  • Placement Plus (Listening, Reading, Grammar, Speaking, Writing)
  • Academic Core (Listening, Reading, Grammar)
  • Academic Plus (Listening, Reading, Grammar, Speaking, Writing)

With our testing program, schools can choose from a variety of options, including test type and scoring method. Our experts will discuss with you which service would be most suitable for your program. This initial consultation is provided free of charge to ensure that we find a good match for your program, students, and budget.

Best of all, we provide a free trial to help you determine which product is most suited to your program. Please contact us at douglasronson (at) to take advantage of this offer.

Measuring Student Progress

iTEP products are useful beyond placement testing. We can help you to measure student progress, establish appropriate outcome objectives, and compare results to classroom grades and other assessment tools.

Program directors who use iTEP for placement quickly realize the advantages of using the same test for determining student progress and assessing proficiency.

Students appreciate the detailed score reports that provide information on specific sub-skill areas. These help students to understand their strengths and to focus on their linguistic weaknesses.

Contact us for a free consultation

Our team includes former program administrators, teachers and testing experts. We love to chat about how we can help programs to improve services and student outcomes. It’s completely free and there’s no obligation.

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